Project 2 - Controlling an LED Matrix through a Web API

Demo Video


In this project, you can see two ways of building an API on the Arduino Yún. In the first, you use a script built-in to OpenWrt-Yun to pass information from a web browser to the ATmega32u4. The second part of this project describes some of the limitations of building an API in this way. It shows how to build an API in Python on the Atheros AR9331 and pass information to the ATmega32u4 through the Console.

This project uses an Adafruit 8x8 LED matrix and a custom website. If you open the site in a web browser, you can click the “LED” buttons on the webpage to turn the actual LEDs in the matrix on or off. Both versions of this project create a JavaScript object notation (JSON) API.

Parts List

  • An Arduino Yún, connected to your local network over Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • A microSD card, formatted for use with the Yún
  • An Adafruit Mini 0.8” or 1.2” 8x8 LED Matrix with I2C backpack - available here
  • A solderless breadboard and jumper wires

Useful Links

Circuit Diagrams

Source Code Download Here



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