Project 1 - Building a Web-based Temperature Monitor


This project uses the Arduino Yún with an Adafruit MCP9808 to create a web-based temperature monitor. Anyone on your local network (or across the Internet if you allow incoming connections on your router) can open the temperature monitor website to see the current room temperature.

The built-in web server on the Linux side of the Yún accepts connections from web browsers, and sends the HTML page, cascading style sheet (CSS) file, and images to the client. An Arduino sketch on the ATmega32u4 reads from the MCP9808 sensor and stores the current temperature in the AR9331’s memory.

Parts List

  • An Arduino Yún, connected to your local network over Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • A microSD card, formatted for use with the Yún
  • An Adafruit MCP9808 high-accuracy I2C temperature sensor breakout board - available here

Useful Links

Circuit Diagrams

Source Code Download Here


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