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Build the next generation of connected projects.

Explore Arduino's most advanced board.

The Yún is one of the most powerful and flexible Arduino boards.

But if you are not experienced in working with Linux-based operating systems, it may be difficult to use it to its full potential.

Ardiuno Meets Linux goes in depth to guide readers through all of the Yún’s features and explains how to use the new capabilties it's introduced.

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Languages You'll Learn

Working with the Yún requires a new set of programming skills. The book includes chapters dedicated to each one of the programming languages you'll need.

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Navigate OpenWrt-Yun from the command line and begin writing shell scripts to harness the power of a full Linux OS.

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Automate tasks and access open-source libraries using Python scripts while utilizing object-oriented progamming techniques.

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Communicate and share data between the Yún's processors using the Bridge Library to bring extra functionality right into your sketchs.

Projects You'll Build

The book's seven different projects explore every aspect of the Yún. Readers will build unique projects that can't be done with any other Arduino board.

Web Hosting

Learn how to host multiple websites on your Yún that can be connected to from anywhere. Build dyamic sites that update with sensor data, and can be controlled through the browser.

USB Interfacing

Use the Yún's USB connection to connect it to Human Input Devices like a game controller and keyboard. Switch roles and have the Yún control mouse and keyboard inputs on a connected computer.

APIs and IoT Devices

Connect to third-party APIs and integrate their web services directly into your projects. Build connected devices that communicate and share information with the world.

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Whether you are an experienced Linux developer looking for specific details on using the Arduino Yún or a beginner who has never used Linux before, you can find all of the key information that you need in this book.

With the Arduino Yún, you can take your Arduino projects to the next level. This book shows you how.

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